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We are a startup focused coworking space committed to creating a vibrant startup community in DC, linking startups to one another and to key individuals who can contribute to their success.

Our team of visionaries noticed two related problems:

  • Washington DC lacked flexible, short-term lease office space for small startups of 1-5 people
  • There was no single place for entrepreneurs to get together in DC on a daily basis

We are working to remedy this problem by offering reasonably priced startup friendly space.  As desks in our office will be provided on an invite-only basis, we will ensure that we create an ecosystem with an optimal balance of individuals to foster startup growth and success.

We will be opening our doors in summer 2011.

To ensure that we are providing exactly what you want, please take 3-5 minutes to let us know what you would want in a startup focused co-working space.